Congregational Singing of “O Come All Ye Faithful” for Christmas Eve

We have all missed each other joining in congregational singing! This Christmas Eve, we are asking for you to participate in the congregational singing of O Come All Ye Faithful! Since we are unable to be together, it will be meaningful for us to see each other’s faces through the singing of God’s praises on Christmas Eve.

Here is what we need you to do:

1. Click on this link to access the sing-a-long track. We will be singing verses 1, 3, & 6 ONLY

2. Follow the instructions below on how to record yourself singing using your phone, iPad, computer, or other device:

  • Wear headphones while singing. Please sing out!
  • For the best result, I recommend playing the sing-a-long track from a device separate from whatever camera you’re using to record. That may mean listening from your phone while you record yourself on your tablet or webcam – or vice versa. If you have to record and playback on the same device, I can make it work – but in that case, PLEASE BE LOUD.
  • Set your camera to record in landscape mode. Be sure that your are in the center of the frame, with a bit of space above your head. Try to have a generally empty background (possibly an empty wall behind them). Have the phone about 2 feet away from yourself.
  • Try to be in a well-lit space.
  • You’ll want to practice singing along with the track once or twice before you start recording. You MUST use headphones to listen to the guide track. Earbuds work best, because you can only use one (in order to better hear yourself sing).
  • Once you’re ready to record: 1) put the music in order, 2) start the video recording, 3) play back the guide track, 4) SING
  • Try not to worry about perfection, the ensemble will hide mistakes!
  • Be sure that the video is recording before the music starts and that you don’t stop recording until about 5 seconds after the music stops. You may be recording a lot of “dead air” while there is no singing. Just smile and get ready to come in!

3. Submit your video to this dropbox link.

Hazel, Mason, and the choir are excited for us to connect in this way on Christmas Eve!

Have fun and we all can’t wait to see and hear the final product! Any questions? Contact Cole!

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