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Vestry Nominations

We will elect three Vestry members at the Annual Meeting on Sunday, February 2 and are now seeking nominations. Those interested in serving may nominate themselves by filling out a Vestry Nomination Form, which will be located in the Narthex for the next two weeks. If a member of the parish wishes to nominate someone to the Vestry, they should first obtain that person’s approval and then fill out a Nomination Form.

Requirements to serve on the Vestry are:

  • Be a confirmed member of the Episcopal Church enrolled as a member of the parish, 18 years of age or older.
  • Have been regular in attendance at the services of the church in the year preceding election. Made and maintained a financial commitment to the parish, known to the treasurer, in the year preceding election.

These are qualifications not only for election but for continued service on the vestry. A vestry member should lead the way in participation in the worship life and financial support of the parish.

The term of a vestry member is for three years, and a vestry member is not eligible for re-election in the year following the expiration of his or her term, unless the member is fulfilling a term left vacant by the resignation of a vestry member that is less than three years. In this case, the member may stand for a full term in the next election.

It is expected that vestry members will either attend all meetings in person or virtually. All vestry members must also attend the Vestry Retreat, this year from February 7-9, 2020, and are responsible for paying their room and meal charges.  This year’s retreat will be held at Montreat, NC and begins Friday at 6:00pm and ends Sunday after noon.